Introducing a new classic, the “Knuckle Sandwich”.


The Chef’s at Dressel’s have a sense of humor. You pretty much have to if you’re going to take the Rueben off the menu after 25 years. Two years ago we decided to whole heartedly embrace the farm to table ethos which meant making changes to our menu that weren’t popular. The Reuben had to go since we couldn’t figure out a way to source enough local beef to keep it on the menu. If you were a fan of the old Dressel Reuben you might want to stop in for lunch and try our new “Knuckle Sandwich”. Corned Sirloin tips, also known as peeled knuckle, sourced locally and served up on grilled bistro rye with house cured apple cider kraut, Gruyer cheese and horseradish mustard. It’s a new school play on an old classic and available lunch time only.