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Dressel’s is first and foremost inspired by our time spent living in Wales and frequenting pubs.

A good pub serves as a hub for any neighborhood or community and is a reflection of that community.

We don’t think of ourselves as a “themed” establishment, rather an organic expression of a relationship with two places. The aesthetics of the pub are inspired by the old wood of 60’s St Louis and Gaslight square. The menu is a modern manifestation of Saint Louis bar food meets British Pub food meets cooks who care. Atmosphere, comforting food and great service all meet in the middle so your experience is as satisfying as possible.

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Since 2008 Dressel’s has been  significantly committed to a sustainable restaurant model. While the term “Farm to Table” is widely used Dressel’s walks the Talk. Our long standing relationships with small and medium sized local farmers is a source of pride for the restaurant. We have a great Burger because we buy a cow every three weeks from Bob Ridgley in Jonesburg. The animals are well handled, the processing is local and our end product is fresh and delicious, just like the burger your grandma used to get from the butcher.  Having experimented with lots of models we find the semi-annual pub menu to work best for our customers and our bottom line. The Special Board offers up lots of variation and seasonality to compliment our well rounded and delicious menu. Knowing as much as possible about where our ingredients come from gives us and you the peace of mind that we’re providing a quality product and doing our part to embrace the necessity for positive change in the food chain. While we try to keep our price point competitive for casual dining, the quality of our ingredients will never allow us to compete with the big box pubs.

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If the pub is the “living room” of a community that is stands to reason it needs to be hospitable.

We strive every day to provide our customers with as much true hospitality as we’re able. We define hospitality as taking care of all our guests needs. Anticipating and making sure you’re time with us relieves stress and makes your day better.  Our management and staff are empowered to take care of you and make decisions in the moment to make sure all our customers leave Dressel’s happy and content.  Our philosophy is borrowed from St. Louis native Danny Meyer and helps us to put a framework in place to take care of our staff and customers.  We’re committed to a $15 hour living wage program for our hourly staff and hope to reach that goal early in 2018.

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Covid-19 Update 😷We are temporarily closed.

Thank you for visiting Dressel's Public House website. We are currently closed but are working towards a re-open in the early summer of 2022. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for status updates. Thank you!