This Season of Change Brings with It a New Fall Menu

This Season of Change Brings with It a New Fall Menu

There’s a lot to be excited about regarding our new fall menu. A lot of thought went into presenting a balanced, price sensitive menu that would help you enjoy the pub as an everyday kind of experience.

To start, more appetizer options on the left side makes for good small plate nibbling. Be sure to check out the new Brisket sliders as an affordable way to try our fantastic pit smoked brisket.

The large plate center section of the menu has some favorites like Fish and Chips and Crawfish Mac. New this season is a pork chop coming from our Reckamp hogs, three to four of which we buy direct every month. Cured and lightly smoked – it’s comfort on a plate. You’ll also see Bangers and Mash made with Reckamp hog house beer brats.

We’ve added a Cuban sandwich to the right side of the menu to help move our pork in creative ways. Like most of our protein based fair it’s a farm to table sandwich you can enjoy and know that’s it’s coming from just up the road.

Also new this fall is an expanded list of side options including BBQ baked beans, green bean salad, and tomato bisque. If you’re not in the mood for the side you can reduce the cost of your sandwich by 3 bucks which is another way we’re trying to add value and flexibility to our menu.

Try a cup or bowl of the steaming stockpot special this winter and you’ll be saving some money too. We’ve lowered the price point to encourage folks to dig a spoon into the best soups on the street.

All in all it looks to us like a really well rounded pub menu that makes it easier to snack or dine out without breaking the bank. It’s one of the more frustrating trends in dining out these days that two people can’t get a drink and meal for less than $75. We want you to think of Dressel’s as a twice-a-week option, not a once-a-month splurge.

While you’re looking over the new menu you may be sipping on one of our new cocktails. House-made ginger beer in the Moscow Mule or the delicious West Ender are a great way to start the evening. The same care has gone into the drink list to make an approachable, local, affordable list of cocktails. The hidden gem is the perfect Cuba Libre. Aged rum, Mexican coke, and fresh lime make the perfect refreshing libation. Save half your coke and order a 2nd shot of El Dorado, you’ll get a bargain on your second drink!

Look for a new happy hour option starting next week. Late afternoons and late night Friday and Saturday we’ll be offering ½ price app specials and $2 off our already affordable drink list.

Lots of great reasons to head to Dressel’s this fall and winter, what are you waiting for?