Tuesday’s Gone – Why we’re not going to be open on Tuesdays starting this week

Tuesday’s Gone – Why we’re not going to be open on Tuesdays starting this week

We’re going to close one day per week on Tuesdays. We made a decision and it’s going to involve a bit of pain. Anything worth a damn usually does but in this case it’s runs against the grain of our culture and economy, all the more reason perhaps to take it seriously and persevere.

Most casual pub/restaurants are forced to open seven days a week. People expect it, owners want the revenue stream and once you’re on that schedule it’s really difficult to go back. Some places open on a six-day schedule and when they find a bit of success start to look at all the revenue being lost on the seventh day! Sure it makes financial sense if the foot traffic is knocking on the door but what business or person really wants to be on the hook seven days a week?

We’ve dreamed of having a close day for fifteen years. We tried closing a half day on Tuesdays for a while but not much good came from that. No silence, no extended projects, cleaning, employee events etc. 

A restaurant is like a sailboat. It has countless moving parts that have to be maintained. Every now and then it needs to go to dry dock for an overhaul. Being open seven days is like continuously sailing around the world, non-stop. It’s hard on the business, the management, the infrastructure but alas, great for the public.

Like a $15 minimum wage there are just some things that make sense in this business. It’s a hard, often thankless grind and having a day in the week to recoup, recover, repair and restore should not be too much to ask, it should be required.

Not so much in the hyper competitive world we’re a part of but sometimes enough is enough.

A lot of things in the schedule fall into place when you’re closed one day. Seven days is like a Rubik’s cube, six days more of a crossword. 

Monday vs. Tuesday is a toss-up. Most places close on a Monday so we thought Tuesday would make a better day. Meatloaf Monday has a more pub-like ring to it than Taco Tuesday so so we hope to see some of the would-be Tuesday crowd pop in next Monday for our delicious farm to table meatloaf special. Wednesday is the “mini weekend” night so you can look forward to some incentives to visit with us midweek as well.

It’s a gamble to darken your door for a day we know. We appreciate the loyalty of the Dressel’s clientele and hope you will continue to support us 6 days per week.